Who I Am

My name is Rostislav 'Slava' Rar. I am a recent NY State Bar-admitted attorney, an incredibly proud fiancé, and a Russian immigrant.

I am also a straight white male working every day to challenge my own racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia that undergird systemic inequity, economic injustice, and generational trauma. In so doing, I stand here, acknowledging my own privilege not as entitlement—but as a call to action.

Through transparent, grassroots organizing, our campaign endeavors to address:

  • The human contribution to climate change
  • The centering of anti-racist, anti-discriminatory policies
  • Access to sustainable, healthy and affordable food for all
  • Innovative, creative, and carbon-neutral visions for infrastructure
  • The implementation of a Universal Basic Income
  • Student debt forgiveness and access to free university education
  • The continued raising of the federal minimum wage with respect to inflation
  • The need for a paradigm shift from the capital-obsessed to one that favors economic equality and mental wellbeing

And that's only the beginning...

Despite having overwhelming popular support for ALL of the above, our political leaders remain committed to the status quo. The voices and demands of those who are most marginalized remain unheard and unheeded. And our government remains indifferent and inert—dominated by wealthy Washington insiders who are mostly motivated by power and influence.

The reason I am running for office is simple: I decided to raise my hand. For thirteen years, Congressman Paul Tonko and the democratic political establishment that protects him have not been challenged. That ends now and it ends with us. The voters of the capital region deserve better—and so does our country. It is time to rethink our way forward. Raise your hand.

This is our promise to you: through this campaign, every community voice shall be heard.  Regardless of race, wealth, undocumented status, gender, or ability, we will build a movement that centers intersectionality and lifts up those who are most affected by capitalism, colonialism, and white supremacy.  Barriers and borders will be broken down and our grassroots, non-hierarchical foundation will help us realize our vision of a new path for our district, our state, and for America.

I hope you will raise your hand with me so that we can rise together.

In solidarity,

Rostislav ‘Slava’ Rar

Our Core Principles

Grassroots Community and Unity

We bring people together; we never push people apart. We build a self-sustaining grassroots movement from the ground up through in person engagement and communication. We never aggrandize any person or group thereof.


We treat all people and groups equitably while considering the historical and systemic issues at play: we employ an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-xenophobic lens for all policy issues.

Education and Experimentation

We teach and learn and light the way for others to follow. We challenge the prevailing norms, beliefs and structures; we ask the difficult questions; we create and let our imagination run wild.


We listen with empathy, with vulnerability and without judgement. We keep our minds and our hearts open even when it’s hard.

The Cost of Doing Nothing


Daily Air Pollution Deaths


% of US Cities with Microplastics in Drinking Water


% Increase in Frequency of Heat Waves Since 1980


New Climate Migrants by 2050


Annual Gun Deaths in US


Fatal Police Shootings in 2020


Increased Likelihood of Being Shot by the Police if Black vs. White.


People Incarcerated in US


Number of Homeless in NYS in 2019


% of People Living Below Poverty Line in NYS


Increased likelihood of being in poverty if black vs. white


National Minimum Wage


Public school cost of Tuition in 1976


Public School Cost of Tuition in 2020


Average Student Loan Debt


Number of Student Loan Borrowers in Default

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